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Solution to Red Eclipse Bug

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Solution to Red Eclipse bug




the 300NAR_Exchange_Gap solution was first introduced by mha, many thanks to mha for the info.


Quick Solution:

if you KNOW what you are doing,

then, backup your save directory, download the latest KSE (save game editor), change 300NAR_Exchange_Gap to 8 in ( [save game name] --> Globals --> Numerics), click apply, and commit changes. Reload the game, go back to ebon hawk.

if the cutscene still does not show (Atton holding his left arm stating he received a message), try walk along the corridor to the first corner, there should be a trigger point.


if the cutscene still does not show up, change


300NAR_Visquis_Call (in Booleans) from 0 to 1

300NAR_Bounty_Attack (in Numerics) from 0 to 1, then GO TO JEKK JEKK Tarr, you should see the Mira Cutscene this time. and enter jekk jekk with a space suit.






After defeating Cahhmak in the "Landing Rights" quest, and leave the ebon hawk, there is no cutscene about Atton received a message. You can enter Jekk Jekk Tarr sometimes, but Visquis won't be there. You cannot reenter the Ebon Hawk. You have your party members with you.





1. You receive the Red Eclipse cutscene (flying beast counting spices, threatened by Cahhmak) once you step out from the Refugee Sector.

It does not matter what is your state in the exchange, and paying 2000 Credits, or going anywhere, will not matter.


2. It does not matter who you bring in your party. This bug CAN happen even when you bring Atton all the time.

3. To some people, reloading a save earlier can solve this problem. To me, no matter how many times I reload the saves, or do other planets first, the bug persists.

4. Sparing or killing Cahhmak will not matter either, this bug can occur in all three options.

5. If you have some cutscenes IN THE EBON HAWK (for example, Visa VS Handmaiden), it may or may not matter. BUT THIS BUG CAN HAPPEN EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO CUTSCENES in the hawk.



Hypothetical Explanation



The problem is simple, after Cahhmak, it is supposed that 300NAR_Exchange_Gap will change to 8. But for some reasons (or no reasons), it does not.



Why the quick solution works


Setting 300NAR_Exchange_Gap BEFORE leaving the Hawk can probably fix this problem. Since it finished the last trigger of the "Landing Rights" quest.

if you set this before leaving the HAWK, it should work as if the bug did not occur.


Remember to leave the hawk (party won't matter, you will solo later), you should see the cutscene BEFORE reaching the first corner, if not , you are doomed (w00t) (worry not)


300NAR_Visquis_Call (in Booleans) from 0 to 1

300NAR_Bounty_Attack (in Numerics) from 0 to 1


These variables, were found by me by COMPARING the saves before ATTON cutscene (go to Jekk Jekk Tarr), and AFTER Atton cutscene.


Basically, the Atton Cutscene just changes these variables to 1, it DOES NOT matter whether you have watched the cutscene or not. Because by changing them, you are doing what the cutscene is MEANT to DO.



300NAR_Visquis_Call should allow you to enter Jekk Jekk Tarr and see the cutscene which Mira knocks you down.

300NAR_Bounty_Attack should allow the Twin Suns attack cutscene.





These correction may or may not work in your case. The cause of this bug is unknown till now, fix at your own risk. ALWAYS make backup of your save.

It is recommended that YOU ENTER JEKK JEKK TARR in the INTENDED way (that is, seeing the Mira cutscene.)


It is because entering jekk jekk tarr involves changing player character (You->Mira->Atton-->you), and there are MULTIPLE cutscenes.

So expect a lot of changes in variables.


Also, there are certain places you cannot normally enter (or normally exit), so letting the game proceeds normally is always the best solution.



Last thoughts



It is a shame that Obsidian Entertainment produced an alpha version of KotoR II, and patched it to beta version. It ships with MANY game-killing bugs.


This red eclipse bug, and the Atris Academy bug (which atton is not held prisoner, in 1.0b only)

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