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Need help installing

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I've TSL for a while, but about a month ago whenever I tried to start a new game, I would get to the bit with the droid at peragus, then when I try to blow up the door I only have a deadly sonic mine, which I don't ahve the skill to use. It never did this before.


Finally I tried uninstalling it and starting over, but now I can't re-install it. It syas something about the wrong volume in disk drive. The first time I installed it I had the same problem, but it was solved when I uninstalled some other stuff. This time, it gives me that message half way through installation, then 3/4 of the way, then it completes it but then does it anyway. Im really irratated 'cos I've had to uninstall load of other games with no noticeable effect. Plz help.


PS I'm new, and lack much technical knowledge, so keep it simple. Iv got every patch.

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It says 'The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume K2_UK_v_11_0_ds_into drive F.' Whenever i press cancel, Try again or continue nothing happens and i keep getting the same message, and eventually the installation nees to close. Also, it keeps giving the message at different times in installation, midway though disk 2, disk 3, and after its finished.

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don't worry man I know exactly what your problem is


I've had this problem ever since the very first time I installed the game and it drives me nuts but here what you gotta do...




- whenever it says that the wrong volume is in the disk drive do this


- take out whatever disk you have in your drive and insert disk 1


- let disk 1 start to run a little bit and then click the retry button.......


- in about a couple seconds it should then proceed to its normal please insert disk 3 or 4 or whatever in to the drive


- so take out disk 1 and put in the next disk the installation needs


- then if the problem comes up again........just put disk 1 back in and let it run and click retry......then the installation should continue and tell you to put the next sequential disk in the drive




its a pain in the but I know...........every time I install I literally have to do this


- disk 1, disk 2, disk 1, disk 3, disk 1, disk 4, disk 1


buggyest game I've ever played lmao




that sould work for ya man good luck

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