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PC/Xbox difference

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I just got a labtop cpu a week ago. I've been thinking about buying KOTOR I,II again. I already have them on the Xbox w/o xbox live and was wondering what's the difference between the PC and Xbox version. And if it would be worth the $$$ to get the PC Versions.



PS. If this is the wrong forum for this, sorry.

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PC players are much more sensative



All joking aside, it all depends on your PC

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If you have XBOX Live (even with the "free" trial) you can get Yavin on the XBOX version. I wouldn't waste my time though, it's nothing to rejoice about. I, personally, could have done without it and been just fine.


However, with the PC versions of the game you can get more than just Yavin. There are tons upon tons of mods (modifications) people have created, for both games. They can make your game more fun and and interesting. That way, you're not just repeating the same thing over and over...there can be something new everytime.

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I just  got a labtop cpu a week ago.

Also depends on what the laptop specs are.


All in all even with a good laptop I don't too much reason to get essentially the same thing again.

The exception might be with KotOR 2 when the Restoration Project is finished (and how successful it is).


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Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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actually yavin is really useful right before you reach the unknown planet, it sells two really awesome crystals... heart of the guardian and mantle of the force...really awesome if you use two lightsabers :cool:

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