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Icewind Dale HELP! Interent


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Hey can anyone tell me step by step on how to play with someone on icewind dale over the INTERNET NOT LAN? I searched on google and i couldnt' find anything ;) and me and my friend want to continue our game over internet that we played at his house.

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I'm doing this off the top of my head, so I may be off a bit.

  • 1) Make sure you have the nodes(?) the same in the config program as well as anything else needed for mutliplayer enabled. Also make sure you're running the EXACT same version and mods.
    2) Get your IP address and share it with the person(s) you are going to play with.
    3) Launch IWD and select multiplayer & host it.
    - The joining players will select join and put in your IP address.
    4) Create your character(s) whilst waiting patiently for the players to join and they make their characters.
    5) Launch game.

When I get home I'll review this to make sure it's correct, and if you have any problems; my contact information is right here.

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Does the other person have to know your ip? You can't just start hosting a game and wait for people to join?

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