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Telos Academy

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After I talked with Atris in the Secret Academy, I went out to get Atton and Kriea, when I try to talk to Atton, it appears " Cheat Node PC confrontion with Atris" and

" continue conversation with Kriea" so I chose the second but nothing happened , I can't even talk with them now, the second is that I went to fetch T3 but the force cage wouldn't realeas, is that a bug or something??

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However, the fix will not take effect unless you restart the academy module. If you don't have a recent savegame, you can download KSE (or KSEa if you don't have the english version of Windows ) from here:



Save your game in a new slot and use KSE to set the global variable 262TEL_Atton_Talk to 1


It's very easy and it takes just a few seconds to do . Here's a sample screenie of what it looks like: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/Darth333/glob.jpg

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