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Rainbow Six: lockdown


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I have been playing the Rainbow six: lockdown demo for about a month. Then last thursday i bought the game. There are so many bugs on the game right now that anyone who is an engineer is screwed over. You can't use your keycard otherwise it can't be fixed. Other than that the game is awesome. the community is ok and the lvling system is superior to that of halo2's (that's right i said it sorry >_< ) I recomend the medic or the engineer(mainly because they are the least used but lvl up faster) Medics are probably overall the best. I myself use the engineer(shotgun baby, Fully Auto!!) There is also a clan system called squads. (Mine is Nomadic Exiles Join up) I give it an 8.9 out of ten (they'll get a 9.6 when they fix the bugs)



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