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Going Round in Circles... Handmaidens?

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I'm on Telos, having met Bao-Dur & have just crashed the shuttle... for the second time. So we meet 3 droids, waste them, see that Bao-Dur is injured & may get better if we head to shelter. Luckily there's an underground entrance...


Meet the handmaidens & chew the fat for a while. Standing behind me (main jedi character) are Atton (sp) & Kreia (sp). I can walk around, see Bao-Dur in one of three force cages (other two empty), see T3 & repair/upgrade him. I can find the Ebon Hawk, but can exit because I need my crew. I can meet with Atris & talk to her - persuade her I'll help find more Jedi on Datooine (sp).


Only, I can't go anywhere else. The handmaidens won't release the other crew from the force cages (even though only Bao Dur is in them), I can talk to Atris again, but the conversation options become more sinister/dark. The handmaidens will spare with me, and also tell me where my crew are supposed to be.


If i try talking to Kreia (sp) she faces me but we don't go into a dialogue. If i try talking to Atton he faces me & i get two options = "[Cheat Node] return to conversation with Kreia" or "[Cheat Node] skip to confrontation with Atris".


This sounds like a massive bug - I can't progress at all. The Turbo Lift door is locked & I need to unlock my free crew before being allowed to board the Ebon Hawk. Aagghh!!!


I've never enabled any cheat mode. I can re-start at the crashed site & fight the 3 droids again, but the same happens.


All help appreciated.

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