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Xbox KOTOR II Help

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I've had my game for some time (Jan.) and its worked great and still looks like it just came out of the box. :D


But last night it locked up on a combat part on Duxn. I didn't think anything of it and turned it off to re-start it. Well now the menu is all black but still has the logo, start new, load, etc., etc. but not character on it. I can load old games that I've saved but now they lock up after time. Also if I want to start a new game all the heads on the your character are gone and locks up as you try to change the profile of the exile. :)


I've put in other games and they work great with no sign of problems or anything. My DVD on KOTOR II is 100% and look brand new. :huh:


Is there anything that I can do or should I be going to the store after work and getting a new copy??? :ermm:

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I'm guessing you don't have a modded XBox. Most people don't.


The XBox has a cache on it, and if textures, maps, or other areeas loaded incorrectly in the cache, it may be constantly pulling that bad data from the cache.


On a modded XBox you can manually clear out the cache. For most XBoxs, the solution is often to reload areas enough that it won't pull from the cache and will eventually pull that data off the disc again.


It may be having troubles reading the disc though. That was my problem.

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