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KOTOR III Characters


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PLease post your opinions on what you think new characters for KOTOR III should


be. I think you should have like either Jedi Masters or Sith Lords traveling with


you depending on your choices. I know this wouldn't happen but what about a


ewok. they should have a wookie. Carth should be there. atleast in the story. oh


and what about one of those pig looking things. There should also be a


sullustian.Just post what you think. Thanks.

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Thank you, Anakin. I was going to provide that link myself until I noticed that you did so. I appreciate members helping each other.


Like my Ghostly friend said, there is a dedicated thread for KotOR 3 related talk. Note, Obidian has not announced that it is developing KotOR 3, so this is all rampant speculation anyhow.

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