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Having Problems with Validating Your New Account?

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If you've recently registered for access on our forums, but haven't received a validation e-mail yet and are not able to login, please try the following things:


1) Login: When you attempt to log in, the forums give you the opportunity to resend your validation e-mail. Select this option, and the e-mail will be resent immediately.


2) Spam: Some mail servers using anti-spam software mistake our validation e-mail as being a spam message. Check your Junk and Bulk e-mail folders -- you may find the validation letter there.


3) E-mail: If you simply cannot find an e-mail from our board software, please e-mail the Obsidian Webmaster from the e-mail account you listed in your account during registration, and also include your username. HOWEVER, DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSWORD. MODERATORS AND ADMIN ON THESE FORUMS WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD.



The Guildmaster

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