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Disciple, Influence and secrets...

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So I am on my second play of KotOR II, and have gone for a female Dark Side character. I was male Light Side last time, so now I find I have Disciple in my party instead of Handmaiden.


He seems to have some sort of big secret he's keeping, though my influence with him is fairly bad so although I can ask why he looks familiar and what his issues with the Jedi are I don't get any answers... What I'd like to know is are his secrets something I will find out eventually, or only if I can influence him enough?


No actual spoilers, please. :(


The second point concerns my Influence... I have CHR 18 and Dark Side Mastery. Yet several NPCs seem to hop about the alignment scale from Light/Neutral to Dark and back, even when not in the party and I don't think my influence with them has changed. It's happened with Bao-Dur, Atton and Disciple. Is this a bug or just intentional behaviour I don't quite understand? I have the Sith Lord prestige class, but this happened before I was one too.


(Last time when I was Light Side I didn't experience these jumps in alignment, though I think most of the characters affected had Light Side tendencies anyhow. And I obviously didn't have Disciple.)

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There are indeed things you can learn about Disciple by having good influence with him.


Mild spoiler (not advised for first playthrough)

There are some interesting effects of having a much higher influence with Disciple than with Atton.



The NPCs flitting back and forth between LS and DS is a bug, one which affects different computers in different ways and for which there's no simple solution. It doesn't seem to have much effect on gameplay, other than looking weird.

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