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The two missing Xbox CGI cutscenes discovered!

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Well, I'm not quite sure if any of you can remember this but if you have beaten TSL, alot of people's total unlocked movie count is 59/61. However, I have recently been messing around with the PC version of KOTOR II and have discovered the two missing movies.


Return to Telos - The ebon hawk is shown apporaching the planet telos before fading to black.


The Droid Yacht - G0T0's droid yacht is does a flyby above Nar Shadda before fading to black.


I can tell you that the Droid Yacht scene was mean't to take place before the G0T0 bounty hunter meeting but for the oddest reason is was cut.


EDITED PORTION - I originally thought the Return to Telos cutscene was mean't to take place before the Droid Factory mission, turns out I was wrong. Looking at the filename for the Return to Telos (which by the way is MalMov01b.bik) I became even more sure it was mean't to take place before the CGI cutscene of the Ebon Hawk returning to the secret academy on Telos. Perhaps I might've been right about it being placed before the droid factory or maybe I am right about it being placed before returning to the secret academy. The mystery grows.


Both of the movies were short but were finally gratifying for me to see with my own eyes. I almost felt complete. Unfournatley, the mystery behind unlocking these two movies may never be discovered through normal means.

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For those of you interested in seeing the two missing movies without going through too much hassle like I did to see them, you'll first need a Bink video player (found over at www.radgametools.com,) and an installed copy of KOTOR II for the PC. Head over into the movie folder of KOTOR II and select the movie you want to see.




Droid Yacht - NarMov03.bik


Return To Telos - MalMov01a.bik

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Mmmm. a Telos landing movie?


Last time I checked all Telos movies were unockable and 60 and 61 were:


GOTO's Flyby over Nar Shaddaa

"Alternative" version of Khoonda Assault Armed Mines...


A majority of people I read about complained they only had 59 out of 61 movies unlocked on the cutscene menu. I found no actual mention of the G0T0 ship flyby or return to Telos cutscenes being unlocked by anyone.


The alternative version of the minfield sequence was found only on the actual XBOX disc by a user of these forums which spawned many arguments about how to unlock them. He said the only way he was able to figure out how to see it was with a modded XBOX.

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