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Okay Im Playing it for the First time and im a newb so can u help me wit DUXn Part

I mean do i Go once i Speak to the Jedi master Do u Get off the Planet or Go Speak to hIm? :*

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What? That question doesnt even make sense, but I think you are asking what you should do after yuo have contacted the Jedi and you are ambushed so he runs out of the cantina right? If you are then just go back to Dxun and go somewhere else, you have to keep playing, and eventually the jedi will contact you.

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It's Onderon, DARTHPON, not Dxun.


After you finish another planet, either Master Kavar or Colonel Tobin will contact you, depending on who you side with.


If Onderon is your last planet though, you'll just have to wander about the galaxy until he contacts you. It should take around 5-8 hours.

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