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Trouble with skipped cutscenes

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I posted in a thread over on the LucasArts forum, but it was suggested that I check over here too. Here's the original thread.


Basically, my problem is that after visiting Telos and then Onderon, I seem to lose cutscenes whenever I go to another planet. The scenes end abruptly almost as soon as they start. On Nar Shaddaa, I've been able to see the scenes on the planet, like the first confrontation between Mira and Hanharr, and between Hanharr and Vogga the Hutt. It only seems to be doing it when I first go to a new planet, at least at the moment. Here's exactly what happens, starting when I travel to Nar Shaddaa:


-Bink movies of leaving Onderon, and jumping to hyperspace

-Brief glimpse of video noise and a skip

-Scene with crew gathered around a holo of the moon, and conversation with Atton about the city

-Bink movie of landing in the city

-More video noise, brief glimpse of Atton before video skips again

-Scene with bounty hunters and Goto's hologram

-Another conversation with Atton on the landing pad


So I'm missing two scenes, as far as I can tell?


And a similar thing happens no matter which planet I go to. I also don't know the details of what exactly he missed, but my boyfriend mentioned yesterday that he had the same problem on leaving Peragus in his game (on the same computer).


I haven't had a problem anywhere else really, aside from a couple minor glitches in conversations with party members. The only other thing I can think of is that I had some minor problems while installing the game - every time a disc finished, it gave me an error message asking for the first disc before asking for the next one needed for installation. But I think that was a Windows problem, not a problem with the discs.

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This is because the game is so buggy. The only problem I've ever had is with conversations. They suddenly skip around because they go so fast and I miss a lot of what the NPC's said. But in your case, the problem seems a lot more broad. I would try reinstalling the game. Those errors may have come from having an anti-virus activated while installing the game. Be sure to turn off any anti-virus software that you have on your computer prior to installation. I've found that when I have my anti-virus on while installing programs, it constantly screws it up. So try that out and see if it makes it better.


Edit: You could also try saving and reloading your game when these problems occur. That solves problems most of the time.

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