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hi lads, i need some major help, im having a mare., my game wont install let alone get passed CD 1, when i incert CD one it starts installing and then when it gets onto installing models.bif it comes up with this error:


Component: Default Component

File: D:\data2.cab

Error: The request could not be performed because of a I/O device error


PLEASE HELP! all help would be appreciated i wanna play it :shifty:


if you cant reply e-mail me at Craig_674@hotmail.com or C.fosse95@vcj.sch.je! cheers

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it looks like tis a disk error being as though i have tried it on my dads anyway i can go around this being as though i dont have the reciept? will lucas arts just send me a new disc down ?

Ask them. Manufacturers used to do that, and EA still does, I think.

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cleaning the disk didnt really work, but it has now come up with a new error


the component and file is the same but the error is now :


eroor: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) any ideas this really is getting stressful!  <_<  :(

The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is just a fancy parity check, basically it it the checksum that verifies that the game files are okay.


I would bet you've got a physical error on the disc. Try it in another pc, and that will tell you for sure.


Just go back to where you bought it and tell them your sob story, or call up the help line on the back of the box and tell them; I'm sure they will swap the broken disc for a new one




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