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I need help

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Ok, I've been experiencing the crappiest glitch I have ever seen. It occurs on Nar Shadaa, I have made it through the tunnels to Visquis' base, I did the whole thing with Hanharr and I am now in the base. I go and talk to Visquis and I get captured like normal and then I see the cutscene with Hanharr and Kreia. Everthings good so far. But, as soon as the cut scene ends, the game attempts to load my main character, it then shows Atton dead on the ground and I get the "Your entire party has been killed" thing. This box stays there as the next cutscene happens and Hanharr begins talking to Kreia, but as soon as I have to make a conversation choice, I have to reload or go the main menu because of the party being "killed". Repeated reloads, resaving in different spots, loading from further back in the game, none of these do anything. The same glitch keeps on happening. Can someone please help me, I have already put over thirty hours into this game and I do not want to start over. And by the way, I'm on XBOX not PC.

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I had this happen to me on the X-box. If you have a save from before Atton's fight with the sisters reload that. Mine occurred from Atton's low health at the end of that battle. I re-loaded from that point and played through from there. After the capture by GO-To I didn't get the party is dead message.

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