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Black Screen on the Ebon Hawk

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Hi there,


I've just managed to see my way past the Telos NPC bug, and have found myself confronted by something all the more infathomable..


After the movie on leaving Telos, it loads the Ebon Hawk interior, after the loading screen I get a black screen with the cursor.. I'm able to activate the tools menu, and save the game which shows a picture of the interior of the ebon hawk in the saved games detail panel.. but cannot navigate or see anything as the screen is black, all the while sound is running..


Any help would be welcomed..


Many thanks!!

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well bud it just so happend the same thing happend to me.... luckly i save like a obsesive composive person so i had saves as far back as the military bace just incase of glitches like these, so what i recoment is load the oldest save you have and replay up to the ebon hawk.... oh btw which characters do you have with you when you board the ship? i knowtist that when this happend to me i didn't have atton or kriea with me....

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