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mysterious NPC alignment shift

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I am playing a game through as Dark-side and this wierd bug happens with Bao-Dur. He mysteriously goes from a slight dark-side alignment (enough that the black appears in the lines on his face and his pic shows the nice red background) and changes to neutral. This occurs after I enter a new area. I'm on Dantooine and it happens when I enter a building or enter a new area of the map - any time the game has to load a new area, when the game returns BaoDur is neutral.


Anybody else have this happen? Any suggestions as to how it might be fixable?

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Are you playing as a Sith Lord?


There is a bug here. Normally full influence cannot give an NPC character Light or Dark Side Mastery. They will get extremely close, but will not be awarded the bonus.


The additional abilities of the Sith Lord and Jedi Master classes to warp (or reinforce) the alignments of those in your party, can do enough so that the mastery bonuses appear. But they also have a habit of disappearing after an area transition. I think you are just seeing an early symptom of that bug.


Saving and reloading may sort it out for a while (I'm not sure), but there is no proper fix.

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