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Light Sabers.

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Hi everyone. I'm a super newbie to everything. I got the game yesterday and I signed up for this forum later that day.


I was wondering if anyone could tell me when I get my light saber, I talked to that dude with the electric arm in the ebon hawk and he said that if I could gather the parts he could build it. But I can't find any of the parts but for the power cell that you get for helping someone earlier in the game.



Also I Was wondering if it is possible to go back to the "real last of the Jedi" and get my light saber back that she has to "Remind her not to be angry and always think before you act.". The hair maiden or something like that.


Any info would be appreciated. I'm going to continue to play but I would like a light saber the game just doesn't seem like a true star wars game with out it.


Thanks again



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