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Ingame movie problems

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some of the ingame movies won't display. however they do run and i can hear the sound/conversations but the screen remains dark. this happens only with some of the movies. :devil:


examples of movies that don't show:

the "trailer" thing

the movie where visas is dispatched to the exile by nihilus

the movie where kreia tells the exile to learn from her mistakes


movies that do show:

harbringer arrives at Peragus

all start/landing scenes



most movies do display but some don't and since i haven't seen any of the not-displaying movies yet, i can't tell what's so diffrent about them.


am i right when i assume this has something to do with my ATI graphic card (Radeon 9800Pro with Catalyst 5.5)? :lol:

anyone got this too?

any clues, suggestions?


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ok, i "solved" the problem. :geek:

although i'm pretty sure most ppl won't like the "resolution". :huh:


i changed the graphic adapter. not because of this problem, it was quite some time for an upgrade. i bought a Radeon X850 XT PE with which i replaced the 9800Pro. this apparently fixed the problem, every movie is displaying now.

a quite expensive solution tho. :huh:


however, since i tried before with all driver version from catalyst 5.1 to 5.6, i'd assume that the problem lies with the Radeon 9800Pro chip.

or maybe the Radeon 9800Pro/basic catalyst functionality combo.




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