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Right, I have given up waiting. I shall not then finish KOTOR2 more than once. But in fairness to Obsidian I at least owe them a why.


I was dissapointed with KOTOR2 mainly because of expectation, in all honesty, however I don't beleive that expectation was unfounded. I expected a resolution to KOTOR (which doesn't mean closing off the series, it means resolving to some extent the characters of the original, and I made sure I met Carth, found out it was Canderous etc...but it was still quite lacking) that didn't open new and wildly deviant plotlines.

Kreia was a bad move, IMO. She was a bitch, she was blatant and the most difficult character to converse with, yet held some fairly important content that could be missed simply through character choices with no other avenue for discovery. While I finished it once, I started it several times and I have not heard anyone else mention other paths. This tends to restrict the player to a particular character alignment, or an (even moreso) unfulfilling storyline.

I have a bone to pick with Kreia's crap. It contradicts, or at least adds, massive plot developments relating to Revan that were in no way indicated in the first. It essentially came down to re-writing that part of the story - this hidden threat crap....how do you strengthen an empire by attacking it with limitless resources from the Star Forge? Bombing Telos which eventually becomes a fulcrum for the Republic's survival is strengthening the Republic? To be saved by a Jedi that is a 'void in the Force'? This seems to imply that Revan in fact generated such a character to defeat this threat. And the death of the Force would be the death of all living things, wouldn't it? Furthermore in KOTOR, you destroy a *major* source of Sith power and it is the Republic that is now exceedingly weak? When you play KOTOR, don't you get the impression that the Star Forge is what Revan knew was out there, with it's dark aura and all?

Can I fit an A380 through there yet? Or is it just that none of this was reasonably resolved at all? Open ending people say, but KOTOR1's ending was suitable as either. Different style of ending sure, but one worked and one did not.


The shortness of the game was dissapointing. With KOTOR, I thought it was to be short and then there was a new planet to explore before the Star Forge which made it of reasonable length. Hmm....nope. Fairly straitforward and boring here.


The missing plot elements apparently removed 'cos they made no sense....well I didn't know what the f*ck was happening when things were just happening for no apparent (apparently nonsensical) reason. All that time could have been taken up with meaningful dialogue, or hey, not been there at all. What the hell was going on with the Ebon Hawk dissapearing, only to have it all shiny again to fly away in on Malachor? COME ON GUYS.


This is intended as constructive criticism. I do not know the reason why things are as they are, but I tend towards the 'bit off more than we can chew' theory coupled with a tight schedule that resulted in "****, just add an ending and cut the **** that ain't done and slap a piccie on the cover that never occurs in the game".


I'll look at NWN2, but I am gonna make sure it is very worth it before I buy it, even though NWN is one of the best games ever. And I won't be doing that via 'reputable, independent gaming websites' - I'll be listening to forums. So if someone at OE reads this, I can see the talent there, but it was smothered in other stuff.


See you when NWN2 comes out.

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