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K3 character idea

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I saw another post on this, but it's been a while and I couldn't find it anymore, so I just wanted to bring it up here. I think that if we were able to play as a hutt in K3, it would be cool because you can rely more on your party members to do the work for you and make the gameplay much more easier. Just gotta decide on which would be preferable: micromanagement or macromanagement? I think micromanagement is better because it will make the storyline much more indepth such as you can chain one of your party members to you the whole time (if you're a male hutt, you chain female characters to you, and if you are a female hutt then you can chain a male character to you) though if you are too lazy then you should opt for the macromanagement. And it would make a whole lot of possible romance options, since a hutt changes gender from male to female and then back to male again. >_<

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