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Console racing and military strategy games for PS2

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Life keeps amazing me.


For some reason I cannot fathom, nor do I wish to, my father, out of all people in the world, decided to get himself a console. While he is aware of the next-gen wave of consoles coming out, he's interested in getting a PS2 instead, as he believes the pricedrop makes it worth buying now. It's his money, anyway.


The thing is, he's only interested in racing games and military strategy games for the PS2. At least for time being. Now, given several of you have consoles and know more about their software library than I know or care about, I'd like to know if anyone has recomendations on PS2 titles that fit that genre.


Thanks in advance.

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The Burnout series is really good, especially Burnout 3: Takedown. Also, WRC are good games, the V-Rally 1-3 are good, of course the Colin McRae 1-5 are great games too.. There are lots of very good racing games for the PS2. If he REALLY wants a challenge (and has a good racing steering wheel) he could try Richard Burns Rally, but then he really must like tinkering with the car and stuff. If he likes pop music and car modding, the Need For Speed Underground games are pretty good together with Midnight Run 1-3. If he wants to blow stuff up while racing then Twisted Metal: Black is an excellent choice, with Spy Hunter an obvious second. If he prefers realistic racing in real leagues then perhaps the NASCAR 2005: Chase For the Cup or the F1 games are for him. Then there are those games that are just plain.. assorted racing, like Shox, Pro Race Driver (even has a story mode), Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, Ridge Racer 5, Crazy Taxi (driving cabs..), Rumble Racing (muscle cars extravaganza), TOCA Race Driver 2 (another racing game with a story), Wipeout Fusion (futuristic weirdness) and so on. He will have plenty to choose from at least.


Edit: Er.. I noticed the text became somewhat.. compact, but I really like racing games and I'm too lazy to fix it ;)

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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Have him get Gran Turismo 3. It's usually $15 or $20, and can be found in the PS2 classics section. Very much worth the money. Gran Turismo 4 is more of the same, but better, but still full price at the moment, if he's looking to wait.


I also really like EA's F1 Challenge, though I don't know about it's availability in the US (if that's where you are). I have it for PC, mostly due to the mods you can download (a whole slew of them...about 50 or 60 downloadable, working, tracks, and carsets from just about everywhere - CART, Mini Coopers, Le Mans sports cars, etc). But the core racing on the PC is pretty good, so I would guess the same would be said of the PS2. I like the racing on F1C for PC better than the racing on GT3 for PS2, but GT3 is an actual game, whereas F1C (at least for PC) is pretty much just a racing sim (that can go online). The big draw for the mods is that you can download a few old classic tracks, including the 172 turn, like 27 mile long classic Nordschleife.

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