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Annoying Video problem, Need second opinion

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Ok here are the important specs of my computer


AMD Athalo XP 2000+ Chip

512mb ram

All-in-Wonder 9600 ATi Video Card


If you need another part listed just reply and ill post it but for this question I believe those are the importnat parts.


Here goes, When I play KOTOR 2 the gameplay is not really choppy but i would say not smooth. When i press CTRL+ALT+DEL to get my task manager to see my CPU usage it is 100%. Now here is teh wierd part when I exit out of the Task Manager it automatically goes into the game again(normal) and now it runs totally smooth like it should(not so normal). I want to say maybe, maybe my processor is kicking or maybe not, everything ese runs fine on my comp so I am not so inclined to say that. However input on this matter would be grately appreciated!

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