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no image after academy on telos

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after leaving from telos, i see the movie where the ebon hawk flies away, then atris says to the other handmaidens that the last of the handmaidens has left with me, after which a loading screen follows. when the game is done loading, all i see is the cursor. the game responds to keyboard shortcuts, so i can choose my party, equipment, access the options, but i just can't see.


what is causing this? my system:

amd athlon 3500+

asus a8n sli deluxe (i haven't updated my bios ever since installing it, does that matter?)

ati x800xt pci-e

2 x 512 mb ram pc3200 twinmos dual channel


i'm NOT using a copy of the game or anything. game version is v2.10

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I have the exact same problem. When I press ESC on the black screen I can save the game. When I restart and try to load the saved game I can see the party standing in the main room of the Ebon Hawk (in the thumb nail in the load game dialog) - but the game hangs when actually loading the saved game half way.


I also have the ASUS SLI deluxe mobo with an XP4000+ but I use a GeForce 6800GT.


Any suggestions?


Before I entered the Ebon Hawk I did the fighting with the white sisters. I noticed that after the fight my two party members didn't follow back to the ship (they stayed in the arena). Maybe part of the problem?

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ok...i've managed to work around the bug. i loaded the autosave from when i first entered the jedi training area and worked through the area without going to fight the sisters. they can probably be fought if you don't haveyour party back yet, but i didn't try it so its not for sure.


good luck getting through this. i assure you that the game is worth it.

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