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Played through K2 four times now, never found Atton or Mira interesting. Found out you could turn them into Jedis and thought: "What the hell, let's give it a try". But WHEN exactly do you get other dialogue options from Atton besides: "Let's play Pazaak" or "Can you teach me to play Pazaak" and the final, which I hate the most: "Can I ask you some questions?" which leads to another choice of either: "Let's play Pazaak" or "Can you teach me to play Pazaak".


When do you get other dialogue options?

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Well that's it, played throug hfour times as said before, and I always see Kreia (when I get to Atris) saying something to Atton about his past, but from there I get squat.


What about Mira, does she have much dialogue?

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For Atton,go to Nar Shadaa..refugee sector..there are 2 twileks who offer to share some info about his past...


After that question him about his past..you'll get an option to turn him into a jedi if you have enough inf..



And you can turn Mira into a jedi easely..use the search function..it's been a while since I finished it :ermm:

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I'm preatty sure I got it before solving the refugee problems...


And bout Mira..you'll have to pass an awareness check if I'm not mistaken..I think you got an extra option with 11 at awareness..I'm not quite sure tho :">

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