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High Res patch...

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Guest MacleodCorp
The reason is that LucasArts wants it to die. The game has been out for 3 months now. It's old news. There is almost no long-term give-a-**** in our industry. They make a buck and quick move on, with some short term support. It makes a lot of sense from the business standpoint, and it has been a long time since the developers ran things and not the fools with the Bachelors in Business Administration degrees.


This is why you DO NOT buy a game upon release. You find a way to check it out beforehand. Otherwise you are completely out of luck if it turns out to be a mess, and you donated to a company that knowingly sold near trash.


And, better yet, we can't trust most game reviewers cuz all those fools give 90% of games 80% scores or higher. KOTOR2 may have a good story but it's so damn messed up it should have received a 50% with the bugs and f-ed up later-half factored in. But guess what happens if LucasArts sees a review tear up their money-maker? Well, that guy ain't gonna be getting his prerelease review copies or promotional posters, or free Lucasarts trip next time.


You know what? I'd almost go so far as to say that a lower review score TODAY means a better game. Why? Cuz those games are often far more complex and take more thought, and have more depth. More things to go wrong or cause the half-wit reviewer to make a dumb design decision opinion statement. Why does Half Life 2 deserve 92% at Gamespot? You got me! It's a friggin straight-line course game with some seriously generic gameplay and a few tweaks to impress the jocks. Whatever. :rolleyes:


I am in complete agreement with this statement. Its been three going on four months, and they moved onto Episode III stuff. That 'high res & music patch' will probally not be released or finished. Onto newer and better things. Plus, Lucas has stated to a question about how he felt about the end of Star Wars, "It was a curse, and I am glad its over". That statement says it all. When it comes to Star Wars, its over, done, finished. Yeah, he is thinking about TV series, but he give offf the sense that it is complete. Therefore, the patch and KotOR III are only fable. They may have existed once, but they no longer exist. He gives me the sence that 'the circle is now complete'. Good for him though. After feeding a bunch of fans for 30ish years, and hearing critiques and fans yell in pain about Episode I & II, we should be glad Episode III was made. Lucas owes me nothing, Obsidian owes me nothing, and Bioware owes me nothing.


Plus, he is now thinking about 'Indiana IV'. Speilburg and Lucas have approved a script, and now they are waiting on Harison Ford. So, Star Wars is over! No Patch!


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Heh, your post while possibly true, does suffer a hit on believability due linking to SuperShadow's site. :rolleyes:

kirottu said:
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It has made me the man I am today. A man who craves furry hentai.

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So, any news out there?!


I finally decided to start seriously KotOR2 and I have to say it: It's really wonderful !


But those bugs!!  ;)


I fixed it using the 1.0b patch (Italian version, since I am italian...  :D ) but, besides some minor fixes, I have to say that we NEED a new patch... NOW I NEED ANOTHER PATCH! There are too many bugs!!


Any news out there?! 



P.S.: However, I think KotOR2 is really amazing!  :D








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