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Land Speeder

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One part is in the swoop garage, one is in the room for Pylon 3, and the power cell is with the Ithorian in the flophouse. I never get to use it much for travel, but there some XP to be had in fixing it up, and you can gain influence with either Atton or Bao Dur by asking for their help when you work on it.



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I have never been able to get all the parts to fix the land speedr before i get the it broke and can't be fixed message. So my question is what does it do and why and what is it there for other than to frustrate me?


It is a triple fed-ex puzzle, where you have to perform three subquests to obtain the components to fix the speeder. There is also a time limit, triggered by the Visquith summons to the Jek Jek Tarr, after which one receives the useful and not-at-all-hurriedly-scribbled message "That item is no longer of any use" whilst trying to use the speeder to travel quickly between the various maps on Narr Shadar, similarly to the guide on Dxun (when you return to complete it).




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