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!!!CRASH ON DANTOOIEN!!! (first time)

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hi @all... i am new in this forum... but i have read all the topics of this dam crashing probs :sorcerer: ... i also tried nearly everything, but nothing worked :shifty::(:(


-->okay... here is my problem...




i am on dantooien, in the khoonda colony (house)... i have done everything (put mines, repair turrets, etc.)... so i just need to talk to "zhoora" or so (do not know his name :sorcerer:" ), before battle starts... now i talk to him and the game loads the outer region (infornt of the house, with "vrook", "zhoora" and the small army)... everything is fine--TILL NOW!!!... after i have talked to the army, the cutsecenes start and after their end, when the computer is loading the inner rooms of khoona, IT LOADS TILL THE LAST (lets say) 5% OF THE LOADBAR AND THEN IT GETS STUCK!!!!!!... AFTER A FEW SECOUNDS MY COMPUTER RETURNS TO THE DESKTOP!!!!!...




i have tired different things, like copying the "6xxxdan.sav", or stop the game and restart, etc. etc. etc. ... nothing worked!!!! okay, after i restarted my computer the game was loading the inner rooms, BUT AFTER THE LOADBAR WAS COMPLETED THE SCREEN TURNED BLACK AND JUST THE MUSIC WAS THEIR!!!!!


--->it woulg be great, if there are some guys out there, who are able to help me with this mess :)


mfg AceAzzameen



p.s.: my computer stats





Pentium 4 3,6 Ghz


80 GB (10-11 GB are still free)




Graphics --> GeForceFX Go 5200 (64MB)


Windows XP Prof.



p.s.: p.s.: i played allready kotor 1 without any problems and also kotor 2!!!! BUT AFTER I HAD TO REINSTALL KOTOR 2 AND INSTALLED THE PATCH 1.0a AND 1.0b (both for GERMAN VERSION), IT WENT TO THIS MESS I HAVE NOW!!!!


(maybe i should mentioned, that i have also installed the "handmaiden-mod", which allows me to get the handmaiden even as a female-player on the light-side...)

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hm... still no one who is able to help me :thumbsup::( ... comeon guys... pls help me :(:( ...


mfg ace


p.s.: today, the window-mode worked, but the game still crashes at the point, where it loads the inner rooms of khoonda, after the movie-sequences... it shows the loading-screen and than it turns black and i am just hearing the music... after a few sec. it returns to the desktop :(:(

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I had a similar thing happen to me in KOTOR1 on my comp. I think it was because of the mods I had. Try unistalling the mod(s) you have. If it still doesn't work trying unistalling the game. (Yes I know it's a pain but better to have to redo it than not get to finish it)

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