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I just watched the E3 presentation of the XBOX 360 and....just...wow, I can't believe it. If Obsidian does do another KOTOR...whew...I can't even begin to Imagin the amount of time Im going to spend infront of my tv. and the controllers jesus, this things insane. Tell me what you thnk about it? wow and the madden preview whoa, ghost recon 3. man I can't wait. My pants are wet, i must go change them

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Anyhow, I have a friend who went to E3 and he took pictures with his camera of the screens for xbox 360 and ps3. My judgment is... don't invest in a camera phone, the picture quality sucks.


He said he liked what he saw of the new xbox and so I have high hopes. I don't know. I suspect that it won't matter which one I get. I'll probably be satisfied with either one as long as it has a few games and I can use it as a console/stereo.

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First of all, this should be in the Computer and Console forum.


2nd, I think this generation is going to be a lot more balanced than last generation. The PS3 and the 360 look like any difference in graphics will be negligible, so the only deciding factors will be Sony's online strategy, and the games on the systems. Now that the 360 has some JRPGs being developed for it, I might just get one if I have some money left over from buying my PS3.

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