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hey a little help pls

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ok so here's the thing on nar shaddaa :

i have done all the quests there but i haven't killed the saquash guy, i force persuaded him to do what i needed. BUT:

the red eclipse slavers thing doesn't trigger. it's the first time i play the game and i don't know how to trigger it. i payed the little mouselike guy 2000 credits and did ALL the quests in all the areas - well except for those that i can't acces right now, i think they come later. the little mouse says the exchange wants my head but the red eclipse attack still doesn't trigger - it is because i didn't kill saquash guy ?

i even went on and read a walkthrough even though i want to do it on my own but still from what i read i made ALL the damn quests. why doesn't it trigger ?:p


some help would be really appreciated



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the red eclipse cut scene triggers after you step out of one of the areas - i'm not sure if it is specific to one. A lot of cut scenes trigger after area transitions.


It seems like you are on the right track but are you absolutely sure you have done all you can to piss off/suck up to the exchange?

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yes i did, i never got into tekk tekk jar there, is there anything i should do there BEFORE the cutscene ? and there are 2 doors that lead to the same area - as i have seen on banshee - that don't open on the docks level


in rest, i did everything - except the thing with the id's for the ship which i can't seem to acces now - the rest i did everything - and the little mouse says the exchange wants my head badly, it doesn't matter if it's still attached to my body


i just don't know what to do next

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yeepee :huh: i did it, good thing i had a save game just before going to saquash - i killed him this time and the cutscene occured


to answer your question, yes i had danced for vogga


thank you all for your help

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