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Quick Last Thought About KOTOR II!

Guest MacleodCorp

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Guest MacleodCorp

Quick Last Thought About KOTOR II!


Since I have come to this site, I have been an anoying factor. My opinion is both negative and positive on the KOTOR II problems. But, there is a lesson I just learned about Star Wars and it's place in SciFi. Enjoy it while it is here, for someday in the future there will be no more Star Wars.


What am I driving at:

A few moments ago, I watched the last "Star Trek" tv series come to an end. While it was around, I checked in from time to time. Just like KOTOR II, I had a negative/positive oppinion about that franchise. One day, the Star Wars movies and games will come to an end. KOTOR II is a product of a long journey, which started about 27 years ago. At the moment, the problems with this game has faded away in my opinion. I could careless about its flaws now. Not because it is helpless to wait for a fix, but because there will be a day that there will be no more Star Wars games. Obsidian took up the reigns from BioWare, and they have given us their version of the second part of the story. Some of us will like it, and some of us will not. When it is all said and done, and many years latter, we will either apprechiate their effort or we will simply forget what they did. At the end of this up coming summer, two thing will be certain about KOTOR II and Star Wars. One being, they were apart of our Star Wars experience. The other, we will gain a better perspective to the Star Wars franchise.


For many years, I have been a 'Trek', 'Wars', and now 'Gate' fan. Every once and a while, there will be a game released, which will captivate hundreds of fans. No doubt, KOTOR II is one of those games. As the final "Star Wars' movie gets ready for release, don't forget where this all started, for someday it all ends...


What KOTOR II, Star Wars, and Trek has done can bee seen across all these forums. At ObsidianEnt, LucasArts, and StarTrek.com there is something happening, which derived from the philosphies that stems from this form of entertainment. Something that many of us don't stop and think about. They bring us together. Instead of being seperate, we who are devirse in creed, gender, nationality, ages, eithics, and econimics gather in these places to share an experience. Through our individual perspectives, we have developed a unique commanality. We are all human...

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