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How do you take screenshots?

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I've been searching for days, trying to figure out how to take screenshots. Since I have continously failed, I decided to post a new thread.


I hope people will reply with the answers I seek soon....



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1. Open your "swkotor.ini" file located in the game's root directory "SWKotOR".


2 under [Game Options] change the 0 for a 1 in the EnableScreenShot line so you end up with this:




Save your file and make sure it has the ".ini" extension and not ".txt".


You can hit the print screen key (normally a key located near the top right corner of your keyboard - on an English Keyboard it says "Prt Scr" sometimes but this may vary with the keyboard manufacturer)


Pasting your image in Paint will do.


Personally, when I take a series of screenshots, I like to use Reclip: http://lockettefamily.com/reclip.htm


You can also use FRAPS.


The game will also output your screenshots in .tga format in your swkotor (for Kotor 1) or swkotor2 (for kotor2) directory.


You'll find a few more details here

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the game has a builtin key for taking screenshots

its one of the function keys, no need to edit anything.


just try all the function keys and the printscreen key

one of those will throw a file in the kotor2 directory.

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