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Problems on Peragus !!

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I've got a really bad problem because I cannot leave Peragus. The game crashes every time when I try go to the Ebon Hawk.


A few days ago I bought KotOR2. I haven't played very much until now but

it confuses me that the game crashes when I try to go into an elevator.

So I go into the elevator and the game crashes. (I think it's an elevator on the way to the Ebon Hawk because finally I'm going to leave Peragus. :D ) Then I am back on the desktop.

Could it be possible that the reason for my problems is the new patch? Because I had hardly a problem with the game until the installation of this patch.


I hope you can help me.






(Excuse my bad language but I'm from Germany :lol: )




- I have the game patched




pentium 2600

XP home with sp2

512mb ram

ATI 9600TX with catalyst 5.4 drivers

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If you had no trouble before the patch, and can't even leave Peragus after the patch the most obvious thing to do is uninstall, reinstall and not install the patch.


That thing does more harm than good, and it doesn't fix ANYTHING game-stopping or Quest-stopping (unless Maybe if you have a ATI Radeon card (which you have as I see, and still the patch does no good))

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If you're using a save game to keep trying to go into the elevator, the save may be corrupted.


You may have to start a new game.


If you uninstall again, you will probably want to delete the save games too. Then reinstall and try it again.


It's not the most favorable option to have to take, but at least you're only at Peragus and not further along in the game.

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