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YOU like to see in KOTOR 3?


I'd like to start as a newbie Jedi. Developing from a scratch and waving with those stupid melee weapons is already seen. And I hope there won't be boring places like Peragus 2 and I hate, I mean REALLY hate pazaak. Earning money should be more fun, not some obligatory dull thing you just have to do. Especially in KOTOR 1 bores me out of my mind play pazaak because it seems to be harder to win. Swoop bikes aren't too fun either. Reminds me of some old cr.... Amiga 500 game. Ok enough whining..


I like the combat system but it could more like in movies. Just change of damage modelling. I mean lightsabres actually chop of bodyparts and to compensate the power it could be harder to hit (skilled opponent). It would look more like duelling.


There could be more choices in ds conversation. More lying and intrigueing. And there's a few places in Kotor 1&2 I would have just killed to get what I want but there's no choice to do that. E.g. I would have killed a few pazaak players and take their money :lol:


Your turn.

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