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Is Your KOTOR2 Installation "Read Only?"

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I recently reformatted my PC and re-installed TSL...


And I noticed something very interesting. I'm just throwing this out in an effort to help because if it is something this "simple" then I'd want to know about if I was having the major problems a lot of gamers seem to be having (pre and post 1.0b patch):


1) Go into Windows Explorer


2) Find your KOTOR2 installation


(Typically C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\SWKotOR2)


3) Select ALL the subfolders


4) RIGHT CLICK and select Properties


Is the box next to "Read Only" ticked, or checked off?


If so, uncheck the box and then hit APPLY.


You will get a second dialogue box that asks if you want to apply this new setting to just this folder or all of the files and subfolders. Select ALL of them (second radio button option).


Hit OK and it will "unlock" all of the files and subfolders (this may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your CPU).


Now... Try playing the game at a crucial point like leaving the Telos Academy, Meeting the Exchange, etc, etc.


The reason I am suggesting this is because I think that if the game files are "read only" that certain Boolean and Global variables AREN'T being written (triggered) to the save files and THIS is why certain people are crashing at critical places where certain things are supposed to happen like cut-scenes and other triggered events. The game reads your save files (actually, a gameinprogress subfolder with save file data in it) and that tells the executable what to trigger as well as run what scripts that are compiled; If it can't write to those files it still thinks you haven't fulfilled that Boolean or Global variable).


What got me thinking abut this is all the problems with events not triggering because I know for a fact those are variables that are written "on the fly" and tell the game you've either satisfied the condition to move on... Or not (0, 1, or other numbers).

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it just goes back to being read only... <_<


Hmm. Now that IS interesting. This tells me a couple of things:


1) I am going to go out an a limb and bet that the game folders and files should NOT be Read Only from the start (installation)... AND that they should be "unlocked" even after you do what I said above in Windows Explorer.


2) If you did everything I said above... And they are still Read Only... Then this confirms what I am theorizing about why people are getting crashes at crucial spots such as leaving the Telos Academy; The Meeting with the Exchange; Returning to Dantooine the second/third time to either kill or reunite the Jedi Masters.


It has to be at least some kind of factor (as well as any problems with the executable that may not be triggering the right scripts as well) -- Because of what I said about the game reading files in the gameinprogress subfolder and currentgame subfolders (only visible while the game is active) and then trying to write some of that data to people's save files.


This also may be why saves get corrupted and some even deleted... Both on PC and XBox. The game, like any program, doesn't know what to do if it is supposed to write to something, but that media is read only... So it does the best it can while keeping what should be written in the RAM and not in the appropriate save files. Make sense?


I am not a developer or programmer... But I do know -- at a very basic, conceptual level -- How this engine operates and am just using logic (maybe falsely) as to why I beleive players are having all of these problems.

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