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Dantoine, Zherron quest options

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On Dantoine, Zherrons assistant seems to think he's up to something. I've spoken to Zherron about it, and he said that whatever he's doing is good for Khoonda so I trusted him, but mainly because he seems like a good guy from a previous playthrough that is.


I delivered the message to the merc near the jedi ruins, but I notice there's the possibility of talking to the administrator about any doubts you have concerning Zherron, she asks for proof, which I never found.


I'm asking because I'd like to know what the options are here, what happens if you tell the administrator and then find some proof, is it a good thing or a bad thing, do you get rewards, alignement points, are there LS and DS ways of doing this, and is it a good or bad thing for Dantoine?


I don't really want to start the planet over to check this out, that's why I'm asking, heck, Zherron gave me a lightsaber and an ultima pearl for bringing in the salvager's will (DS hit for that, but well worth the price), plus I got solari and silver crystals from Jorran, so I'm not keen on risking all that.


Please let me know about this.

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