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Game not working after crachlanding on telos

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I have a very annoying bug with the xbox version of kotor2.

Playing as a light sided male.


I can see the movie where my shuttle is being shotdown on telos. The game starts and I can talk to Bao-Dur and he joins my party.

I can now press the start button and use the menus as usual. But as soon as I try to start a conversation with Bao-Dur or kreia nothing happens and after that I can't even acces the menu to save the game.

Enemies are resistance to melee ataclks also.


Have tried to reload several times, also clearing the cache, by starting 4 other games.

Reload games before going down to the surface and the moment after Bao-Dur joins the party.


Basivly I'm stuck, and can't do anything..

Has anyone else had this problem and know a solution??

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