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stuck on telos

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hi :thumbsup:


I have played the game ( light side ) and now i'm playing being a dark jedi

and now i am stuck on Telos . I am told to go to a meeting ALONE in appartment B3 by Luxa

But i am sent away because i have Kreia and Atton with me all the time .

even when i'm in solo mode and leave them behind I still don't get in .

Is there any way to be all alone without them ? because everywhere I leave them , i see them as my companions ? and it's the only way to get into the Exchange .


thnx :-

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Go to Teammates-Selection screen (just scroll through upper screens untill you see a screen with Atton, Kreia and T3 (darkened)

Select Atton and click Remove

Select Kreia and click Remove


After the missions done, go to that screen and click Add (for both)


NOTE: Another Mission on Telos requires to manually add your Team Members back again too, so it is advised to learn how the screen works...

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