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Problems installing UK patch through updater

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The updater thats used to update the game via the game menu downloaded the update but then just did nothing for five minuites. So i went and looked for patch on kotor 2 folder, found it in temp folder, copyed it and pasted to my download patches folder where i keep all game patches (just incase), then i clicked cancel on the updater as i think it froze or somit.


Anyhow so i have the 15 meg patch, now what do i do with it to install it as i tryed running the patch updater again to see if it sees the patch it downloaded and would install it, but no its simply overrighting it all the time. I think i heard of pasting it into Overide folder, i have done that and it it there ziped (as it was) and unziped but still dont think it updated it. How can i update it please? I refuse to download it again as it will just download what i have.

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Had the same problem. Try Azuth's tips here

My UK version started patching itself waaaaay after it actually downloaded. Total time was 2 hours and 30 something minutes, but I am on 56K.



Im 56k as well, i thought it would patch itself (after patch downloaded via updater) instantly and be installed in like 1 min.


2 hours after u downloaded via the updater, thats rediculous.

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Yeah...and the weird thing is, after it said "Download Complete", I opened up Windows Task Manager to check the network connections, and nothing was coming in or out. Then, 40 mintues later, I saw the autoupdater going through the actual patching.

I didn't get to try out the trick of disconnecting from the net after the download was complete, so if you're gonna give it a second try, might wanna do that.

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The tip about disconecting is bogus i tryed it and it doesnt work.


That's strange, 'cause the tip worked fine in my case.


I had the same problem (autopatcher apparently "froze" after completing the dowload for the uk version) but I decided to take my chances, disconected and what do you know, the patching process started immediately.


So, thanks for the tip to Azuth; now let's see what the patch does...

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