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Advice on old computer selling


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I put this on the dell forums as well.


What can I get for:


Dell Dimension 2350 Desktop


DVD-Rom 16X

30 Gig harddisk

2.0 GHZ Intel Celeron

Great, brand new power supply - 520 Watt

768 Megs memory DDR

complete set of productivity software


I've been wanting to sell my current computer and get a new one for a while now. I'm thinking 400 dollars might be about right, but it IS used.


I can get about the same thing, without the improved power supply (which helps out for playing with PCI video cards, is more reliable and more quiet than the convential PS), 256 megs less memory, but 50 gigs more HD space and a 2.4 GHZ celeron, for about 600 dollars under the current sale. All things considered, is 400 good? Should I go higher, lower?

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depends on where you live I think .. I'm guessing it's US since you use dollars .. but compared to Danish prices that's a fair amount, and you could probably get 500 for it here! but I don't know your prices ..

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There is nothing wrong with it, unless you want to use it for gaming. It's just that my last PC was Celeron-based and I grew to hate them. My fault for not being well informed first.

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