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My 1st attempt at art (2nd sketch patch May13)

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Patched. Mira sketch v3.1. :-




Slow day @ work so...


While... "interesting", drawing and balancing breasts is very perplexing. >_<:p


Adjusted arm lengths and positions and hands and fingers. Fixed the shoulders, waist and hips too.

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Yeah, nice job! Although the left hand looks slightly weird.


But don't listen to me, I can't draw hands well either!


It's the fingers, they're all the same length! (Just like the Ancient Egyptians -- their artistic figures, not the people.  :- )


Good work! >_<


Thanks! Oh and I fixed the fingers. :p

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I would say that the lightsaber grip is a little long for a single saber, but then again it may be of a particualr style.


Well, katanas with long hilts allow for much more precise control when fencing or dueling but not very suitable for Iaijutsu (quick draw-1 cut-shake blood off blade-resheathe). But Iaijutsu isn't really applicable in the SW universe so... >_<

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Hey :o , believe me you do not suck. Your stuff is extremely good for a beginner  >_<


If you are havin trouble, I would recommend that you spend more time sketching, without using an eraser.  Just draw, use as many crazy lines as you want. Most artists have to warm up this way. It may seem like a waste of paper, but its the only way to learn.

It also gives you a chance to work out poses and action lines for your more professional projects...


Also, you might want to check out some library books. It can help to have a handy reference guide to explain perspective and all that jazz :p





Very much appreciate that! :)


I've tried sketching without erasing lines. I don't think I got anywhere because parts of the sketches just became very gray and undefined. *scratches head* I had to erase. But I don't know-- I've never tried drawing before very recently. *shrug*


I have borrowed "how to draw anime/manga" type books from the library. I also have bought myself some (waiting on a couple of new ones to be delivered actually :p ). All very interesting stuff. (w00t) Very intimidating... and frustrating too. :-

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My one piece of advice. If you seriously want to draw, try to come up with your own style. The anime/manga style is overexposed at the moment. Sometimes it can be really good(aimo for example), but a lot of people, myself included, are just plain sick of it.


Other than that, good job.


I'm sorry that you're feeling oversaturated with "Annie-May"-style artwork (not that my attempts could even classify as either "anime" or "artwork"). I have been an anime fan since Macross: Do You Remember Love? (1984, but saw it in the early '90s >_< ) and favor the style over others.


Bruce Timm's DC-style art (see Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League and JL Unlimited) is a very close second. Very clean, simple and elegant. Next would be Genndy Tartakovsky's techniques. Simple elegance. Marvel-style is kind'a gritty and not really striking my fancy (although my best buddy draws Marvel-style (really well) and has been eversince grade school).


I am trying to combine the clean, simple elegance of Bruce Timm's style with anime-style art and hoping to yield satisfactory sketches.


And yes, AIMO RULES!!! hail.gif (w00t)


Oh and thanks for the compliment. :-

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