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Top 15 ways Star Wars be different if........

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Caution : I was bored typing this so don't read unless you enjoy my pointless insanity. :)


15. Lasers DON'T fire in a straight, predictable line


14. The Jedi & Sith will pilot giant mechs armed with proportionately sized lightsabers


13. Virtual reality "dives" into a droid's mind will be a frequent plot device


12. Half of the population in the galaxy would be an organic android or a result of bio-engineering.


11. Palpatine would take over the Republic by playing an eerie opera song on Coruscant to cause all hell to break loose


10. The Jedi would say something totally cheesy EVERY time they use a Force power when in combat


9. Space battles IN Hyperspace!


8. Instead of blowing up Alderaan with a superlaser, the Empire would just cause it to fold up like a piece of paper & disintegrate


7. The principal Sith Lords would be a reddish-violet haired middle-aged samurai guy with a nasty scar, an attractive petite woman with platinum hair, and a gleefully psychotic young man with snow white hair


6. Yoda would look like a twentysomething pretty boy with a ultra-soft voice and an endless supply of encouraging words.


5. The Millenium Falcon would be a luxury passenger liner with a robot crew


4. Han Solo would be an unaging red-headed teenage boy who is obsessed with firearms & antiques.


3. The Republic's "Clone Army" would consist of 669 near-identical preteen boys & girls with supernatural powers


2. Leia/Bastila would be a little robot girl with top secret data in her subconcious memory that the bad guys want


and finally........


1. Instead of being whiny blonde-haired young men, the chief protagonists would be a geeky yet beautiful young, female scientist & her sexy, bad-ass female android sidekick she helped design


Yeah, I was playing the new Xenasaga game recently if you were wondering..... :)"

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