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What's the deal with the Marauder's Fury?

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From the FAQ (Star_Wars_Kotor_II_a.txt) notes on the Marauder class:


The bonus power "Fury" is broken. At high levels it is supposed to give extra attacks, but doesn't. Which means that you need to use Master Speed still if you want the extra attacks.


So, is there anybody who has played a Marauder and who can tell us what the deal actually is? Even without the extra attacks, Fury should add STR and damage boni. If so, how much? Is the Marauder's Increase Combat Damage feat comparable to the Weapon Master's Increase Melee Damage (+2 dmg per attack for the basic feat, +4 for level II)?


Also, I am not entirely convinced that the FAQ writer did not overlook something. Juyo + Master Speed + Flurry + dual-wielding gives you 6 attacks per round but on-screen you see only 5 (the first number is suppressed). So it is easy to get the impression that there are only 5 attacks per round unless you call up the feedback log and count the attacks there. Not to mention that the game stops attacks once the enemy is dead, so often you see even fewer than 5.


Or perhaps the deal with the extra attacks is similar to Master Speed, i.e. restricted by armour.


Currently I have no quick and easy way of checking because I did a big savegame purge and the only saves left are from LS campaigns. So it would take quite a while to start a Marauder and bring her to high enough levels ...

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Here are some of the details about some of those abilities... my guy was only level 9 as a Maurader in this save-game, though.


I can vouch that the bonus from Master Fury to STR works, but the extra attacks do not.




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Fury does not give you the extra attacks that it was origionally intended to. For whatever reason, the code is not there to enable them. Of course, there is a mod ;):)" (shameless plug) that reenables the extra attacks in Fury, as well as makes the game a bit more challenging so that you can actually see all seven attacks hit home... usually right before the mean old Dark Jedi bad guy guts you like a pig and sends you packing :thumbsup:


Seriously, though, the mod isn't that hard, but it will give you something to do with all those healing pot... ah stims cluttering up your inventory. :)

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Thanks, Vashanti. This is most excellent, just what the doctor ordered.


chibajoe, seven attacks? :( (w00t)


BTW, does anybody know which form a Marauder gets from Master Vrook? I think it is Juyo for Guardian and Weapon Master, and Juyo is what I want. If the Marauder gets anything other than Juyo then I'd schedule Vrook's demise such that it occurs before taking the prestige class ... :cool:

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