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Ideas for Kotor3

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This idea might've cropped up before, but I just finished Kotor and defeated Malak, when you think about it, they never said what happened to him after that, did he just die ? I guess he did because the station might've exploded around him, and Revan did say there was no hope so Malak had to die. But no one knows for sure. It would take an LS outcome for this scenario of course, but Revan, knowing he was the one who turned Malak to the dark side might've convinced the counsel to reprogram his mind as well.


Maybe he followed Revan to the sith empire as a jedi, they might've even been able to fix him up with a new mandible ;) and take that metal thing off his face.


Malak might prove to be a good party member for Kotor3, and what a story to tell.

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