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Well im in the Telos academy and im trying to get to the artifacts is there any way to get them?

I talked to one off the Hanmaidens (not the NPC) and i got in the dialog to an option "That is why i wish to see the teachings of the jedi. Ihave much to learn.. and much to reflect on" after i click on this im thrown out of the dialog screen. Why,was something cut?

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After finishing the game, it seems clear to me that the artifacts you refer to here are left as a clue to foreshadow some things that will happen in the plot when you return to Telos toward the end of the game.


Those artifacts might sound mighty enticing, but things are not quite what they seem here, so I doubt it was ever the intention to let the player get to them.


After all, Atris rescued them from Dantooine just before Malak's destruction of the Jedi enclave there. A remarkable stroke of good luck, seeing as how they just narrowly avoided destruction, right?


Especially when we then learn that the Sith are hunting down Jedi and Atris herself has been fortunate enough to elude being detected or being killed along with the majority of Jedi on Katarr...


This is actually one the things that I find still adds up nicely plotwise.

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