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Need help

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I have arrived at Dantooine, as soon as I stepped out of my ship, it was very choppy. Now I can not move pass the hanger, it just freezes in super slow motion.


I have gone back to a previous save.

I have closed the game and started again.

I have rebooted.


I have downloaded the lastest video drivers.


I have a AMD 64 3200

Radon 9800 pro with 512mb

1.5g mem.


Any help please?

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First you need to post in the right forum. :(


Also it is not always the Video Driver that is causing the problems. Do you have an updated Sound card driver? If not, you might also give that a try. You will also need the most up to date Direct X software which is at 9.0c. If you don't have it it is on the Disc 1 of KotOR 2.


If you do have all the drivers play withthe config. Set it to the lowest levels and see how your performance is like. Tweak and increase the configuration to a point where you think it is good enough for you to enjoy. Once you reach that point it should work fine. If it hanfs up again. Make a temporary adjustment back down a step then back up. It should return to the correct performance level.


I hope this helps.


You also might want to check out the Technical Self Help forum. They have other tweaks you can do with your ATI card. ATI is probably the wrong card to play this game.

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One thing that helped alot for me was adding:


Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1


under [Graphics Options] in the swkotor2.ini file


But my game was never unplayable even on dantooine just slower then usual.

I have a ati 9700pro which is pretty simmilar to the 9800 so it should help some at least...

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