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Game window minimizes before starting

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I get to the first Launcher menu, click Play and it switches my resolution, then the window appears then minimizes before I can see it. Once minimizes it doesn't respond. Help me please?

Try adding this line in your swkotor2.ini file under the [Graphics Options] header:




This allows you to toggle the game from windowed mode (or minimized) to Full screen. To toggle, use the Alt+Enter key combo...


Also, while you're in the swkotor2.ini, under the [Display Options] header and the [Graphics Options] header, check to see if you have this entry: (the same for each header)




Hope that helps! :shifty:

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I added the AllowedWindowMode=1 and I changed one of the Fullscreen from =0 to =1.. but it still does the exact same thing, minimizing and not responding. I reinstalled 3 times. My computer should be pretty much up to speed since its only about 3 weeks old and has the recommended requirements.



Ack I check scan report that it does on first run. It says my video card isn't good enough. It's 64 mb, and it says I need 32mb?


Vid Card Status=Fail

Vid Card Driver Status=Pass

GL Status=Pass

DX Status=Pass

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