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Who is the Antagonist?

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Have you ever thought about that? The Protagonist is, of course, the Exile.

But who (or what) is the Antagonist in this story?




Toward the end part of the game, Atris tells you that the current Sith

threat is your (Exile's) creation. That is right: there is something that

happened on Malachor V that the Exile ordered that created the great echo

in the Force. Darth Nihlius is as much an echo as you are. Probably true

with Darth Sion as well. Atris mentions that the current threat is not about

conquest but destruction (Kreia says similar things).


Basically, YOU are BOTH the protagonist and the antagonist. Had it not been for

you, Malachor V would not have wounded the Force. But that is an oversimplification. There is something about Malachor V that is allowing the anamoly in the Force to survive. Take out Malachor V and you take out the anamoly. Save Malachor V and the anamoly stays.


Kreia wants you to kill her (whether DS or LS) but she wants Malachor to survive. Why? With her gone, the Exile becomes the most powerful Force user around, thus increasing the echo in the Force and consuming all life (similar to what Darth Nihlius was doing but even more powerful and insatiable). Eventually, the Force will die but life will continue (at least that is what she wants to see happen). She wants the Force to die because it has its own will and it manipulates people. She wants people to have complete self-determination.




Wow, you talk about a thinking-man's plot, that is what this is! This is not the Lone Ranger in space the way KOTOR I was. This is more like a college debate team meets Star Wars.


It is easier to tell a story if you already know the choices that someone has made. But now that a rich background has been set for the KOTOR franchise, I'm hoping they will not use this technique in the next installment. No more, "General, I did because you told me to" stuff. Again, it works, but I think it would be nice to start off next time without any of that.


It will be interesting to see what they will do with the True Sith. Nothing wrong with having an antagonist that is not the basic megalomaniac like Darth Malak was in KOTOR I. But we need something a little more straightforward than what we got in KOTOR II. The story was fine but it was convoluted. I would like to see mystery, yes, but a clear-cut distinction between protagonist and antagonist and the ability to customize my party. If I think someone is about to betray me, I want that person off my ship.


Basically, I like the "non-linear" presentation of KOTOR II but I want a more "traditional" kind of story.

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