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KotOR 3, what do you think about this?

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Two years after the history of the exile, Revan had already come to the unknown regions to fighting or to directing to the real sith, whereas the hero of the game would be again the exile after the track of Revan. When the game begins you will have the option to choose what kind of jedi you want to be and also you will be able to choose the path you incline more, as you are playing this can be changed. Once come to the unknown regions, there will be a series of planets where you will have to look for tracks of Revan and some missions to make, but there will be several sith lords who are in charge of new those sith never earlier seen. In the beginning of the game you will have the opportunity to choose if Revan was good or bad, this one will perform supreme importance 'cause if you choose that Revan was bad, he will be the most powerful sith lord who will guide to the new sith empire, but if you choose that revan was good he will be something like Atris in KotOR 2. Returning to the unknown regions, once there you will know new partners which they will guide you to the track of Revan, without mentioning that in the beginning of the game you will have two sure partners, handmaiden and atton that will accompany you during all the game, other characters from KotOR 2 come with the republic's fleet, when this one comes to help you in the final battle where the mandalorians directed for canderous will help you too. When I say the the republic's fleet I mean that you should find out that a descendant from Vandar guides the remaining jedi and Carth will guide the rest soldiers of the republic, in this game there will be several sith lords looking for the power on this new sith empire and you might take yourself the surprise that one of these sith lords in the seek of the power and the seek of revenge will be miss Shan

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